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Wellside Croft
We are happy to advise on all aspects of management and visitors are welcome by appointment.

two Ryeland lambs Ryeland Sheep


Ryeland Sheep

Ryelands are the oldest breed of British sheep having originated in the county of Hereford some 800 years ago. Ryeland wool has always been of very high quality being dense staple with much crimp, soft and light to handle. These sheep are a delight to own, being a perfect small holder sheep. We have had our scrapie monitored flock for over twenty years, buying our foundation stock from John Taylor and Trevor Davies. The sheep are regularly drenched, in the Heptovac P Plus system and showered for blowfly in the autumn months.

Wellside is the home of Wellside Tammy Troot, Dennis the Menace and Fidget who have won multi championships in Scotland and over the border. Wellside sheep have won the Great Yorkshire Show Championship on many occasions and have achieved top prizes at the rare breed sales throughout the country. We were happy with all our sales as most of our stock were sold privately and also at Thainstone, Inverurie, Aberdeen and Northern Marts in September. A large number of Ryelands were forward at this special sale fetching excellent prices in spite of the Blue Tongue restrictions in England and Wales. Wellside Dennis the Menace and Broomwell Fernando's crop of lambs will be for sale next year.

As there are many breeders in the North East of Scotland area we would be delighted to put interested flock owners in contact with healthy flocks for inspection, hopefully to encourage more people to enjoy these lovely sheep.


  Exmoor pony

Exmoor Ponies

This fascinating breed of pony has been fashioned by nature itself, roaming the countryside for perhaps tens of thousands of years: amazingly hardy and able to withstand the harshest of winters. The characteristics are so firmly based there are no colour variations and the beautiful markings are present in every animal. We obtained our ponies from Doonies, Aberdeen City Council rare breed farm, Gail Whetter in Northumberland and Elaine Bateman in Callander.



  mallard call ducks

Call ducks

There are many different colours of call ducks and we have chocolate, apricot and mallard calls. They are very tame and irresistible to children and adults alike. Calls require a secure place, e.g. a fenced in garden with a coop or a poultry house with a run. Food consists of goose and duck pellets (Allen & Page products can be obtained at most feed stores) and a small poultry grit for grinding down food. Ducks love water to drink and bathe. It does not matter if you do not have a large pond, a small bath will suffice as long as they can easily get out. We think they are compulsive entertainment.


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